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Wave 5 - Bellingham, BMR, DC, Hopedale


Choose a session that you would like to take part in during your Senior Scoop day. Industry experts will lead 15 minute rotating, interactive sessions tailored to enhance your skills, inspire your mindset and elevate your career. Each session is limited to 15 students and registration is first come first serve. 

Session #5 Choices

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  • Creative Thinking - An interactive workshop exploring innovative approaches to problem-solving and innovation.

    Analytical Thinking - Dive into a robotics activity with Anthony from True Robotics' and discover analytical thinking skills.  Special appearance - a friendly robotic dog! 


    Technological Literacy - Explore the world of robotics with Dobot/Cobot.  Mike Hurley and Pete Hennessey will discuss the application of technology in various industries.


    Curiosity and Lifelong Learning - Engage in a CORE XP Consulting workshop with Lynn Turner, focusing on the XP process to cultivate curiosity and lifelong learning.


    Resilience Flexibility and Agility - Develop resilience and adaptability skills in a dynamic workshop led by an expert facilitator to be announced.


    Systems Thinking - Join NextGen Talent's Norma Rey-Alicea for a hands-on science experiment exploring systems thinking principles.


    AI and Big Data - Immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality delving into AI and big data applications.


    Motivation and Self-Awareness - Unlock your potential ! More details to follow. 


    Talent Management (PR Marketing People Skills) -  Join Wirefab for insightful discussions on talent management strategies, the integration of PR, marketing techniques, essential people skills, and an exploration of HR hiring practices.

    Service Orientation and Customer Service -  United Ag and Turf will lead an engaging workshop focusing on service orientation - the delivery of exceptional customer service, the importance of building strong client relationships and exceeding customer expectations.

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