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Blackstone Valley Hub
Workforce D

 Founded in 2018

 The Blackstone Valley Hub for Workforce Development aims to positively contribute to a collaborative workforce pipeline by providing a centralized location for students to gain the technical and employability skills needed to meet the needs of the region and beyond.  Established in 2018 as the non-profit and business development arm of the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce (BVCC), the Hub offers a sustainable learning model that seeks to connect the workforce and academic institutions.

This is accomplished by providing opportunities for individuals to acquire technical skills to increase employability as well as helping companies with their hiring needs. We also provide the opportunity for companies to provide upskilling for their incumbent workers. The BV Hub uses industry-standard equipment such as TRAK CNC mills and lathes, Bridgeport mills, Universal Collaborative robots, Miller Augmented Reality welders, 3D printers, and a 22-seat computer lab for all the training programs we provide.,

Our Impact


Our Vision

Empowering Central MA and beyond, our nonprofit envisions a dynamic workforce education and training ecosystem. By fostering collaboration among manufacturers, businesses, schools, and students, we aim to cultivate innovation, forge strong partnerships, and prepare individuals for thriving careers, ensuring economic growth and prosperity for the region and state.


The BV Hub Board

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The BV Hub benefits from the significant knowledge and expertise of the Board of Directors. Leveraging their own networks, skill sets, and experience, Hub Board members consistently demonstrate their commitment to the mission.



Mike Rubin

  • LinkedIn

Michael Rubin is the Principal of Uxbridge High School and the 2020 Massachusetts Principal of the Year.

He successfully led Uxbridge High School’s designation as a Commonwealth of Massachusetts Innovation Pathway school, connecting curriculum in engineering, biomedical, and information science/media programs to robust industry partnerships.


1st Vice Chair

Nicole Ryan

  • LinkedIn

Nicole Ryan is the Manufacturing Manager at Lampin Corporation in Uxbridge, MA. Nicole has 35 years of manufacturing experience in the jewelry, textiles, and plastics industries.



Karen Crebase

  • LinkedIn

Karen Crebase is the Superintendent of the Hopedale Public Schools. She is the president of the Blackstone Valley Superintendent's Consortium and a supporter and advocate for BVExcel, shared curriculum courses among schools in the Blackstone Valley.



Eric Eisner

  • LinkedIn

Eric Eisner is the chief of Staff for State Representative Michael Soter. He is a graduate from Blackstone-Millville Regional High School and a southern Worcester County native. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Geoscience from University of Lowell and is a volunteer for MA Association of Student Councils, which works with students and educators from across the Commonwealth.



Ryan Foley

  • LinkedIn

Ryan Foley is a Partner at Cunningham & Associates in Worcester, MA. He has helped clients through every phase of the business life cycle as a small business consultant and trainer for over a decade. He was recently named to the Worcester Business Journal's "Forty Under 40" class of 2021 .



Jeannie Hebert

  • LinkedIn

Jeannie Hebert is the President and CEO of the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce and Blackstone Valley Education Hub. She works tirelessly as an advocate and supporter for businesses in the Blackstone Valley to obtain the resources they need to grow and flourish.



Liora Stone

  • LinkedIn

Liora Stone is President and co-founder of Precision Engineering, Inc., an advanced metalworking contract manufacturer of custom metal components and assemblies to global companies in the aerospace/defense and critical industrial sectors. Competing on a global scale and growing Precision Engineering to a multi-million dollar enterprise, Liora was selected by the Worcester Business Journal as one of their 2016 Outstanding Women in Business and one of their 2019 Central Mass. Power 50. Recently, she was selected by Women’s Enterprise Magazine as one of their Top WBE CEOs of 2021.



Lucille Ward

  • LinkedIn

Lucille Ward is the Human Resource Manager for Package Steel Systems, Inc. located in Sutton, MA. She also serves on the Board of Directors for the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce and is a staunch advocate for the businesses the Blackstone Valley. Lucille is a member of AIM and the Blackstone Valley Women's Success Network.


Fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships is the key to meeting regional workforce needs and is critical for a healthy economy.

- Ashley Bregman, Executive Director

Screen Shot 2023-08-23 at 3.43_edited.jpg

Executing the Mission


Developing sustainable long-term relationships will ensure the growth and legacy of the BV Hub.

Active learning and hands-on training opportunities are fundamental to authentic learning and mastery. The BV Hub strives to provide local businesses and school systems increased access to experiential learning and employability skills that research shows are vital to success in the workforce.

Our approach includes:

  1. Meeting those we serve where they are at

  2. Listening to their needs

  3. Development of programs to meet the identified needs

  4. Relationship focused partnerships

  5. Facilitation of regional resource sharing and networks

  6. Assessment of effectiveness

  7. Fidelity to the  mission

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