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Meeting the needs of the most vulnerable

What is YouthWorks?

YouthWorks is a state-funded youth employment program that helps teens and young adults get the skills and experience needed to find and keep jobs. 

How does it work?


Participants take part in paid short-term work placements during the summer and/or school year at public, private, and nonprofit work sites. As part of the program, they receive training in core soft skills so they can practice professional behaviors and learn how to relate to supervisors and co-workers at their work sites. They also learn how to take next steps in their education and career pathways.  Over the past five years, more than 26,000 teens and young adults from low-income communities in 31 cities have taken part in YouthWorks; in the summer of 2015, 4,489 young people had summer employment through the program.

Participants will learn about the following strategies for developing a state-wide/large-scale program:

  •   Developing measureable program outcomes to drive program design

  •   Crafting an application/RFP process

  •   Creating replicable program infrastructure to ensure consistent experience—structured curriculum and evaluation process

  •   Supporting local advocacy efforts to support funding

  •   Program communication and outreach

  •   Coordinating partner network, technical assistance and training

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