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Internships and Work Based Learning

A primary objective of The Blackstone Valley Hub for Workforce Development is establishing a talent and education pipeline that serves our workforce in the Blackstone Valley region and beyond. One of the ways we achieve this is by facilitating Internship Programs customized to meet the specific requirements of each school district. Internships offer valuable real-life experiences and significantly influence students' career decisions. By bridging the gap between education and industry, these programs foster closer collaboration and understanding between businesses and schools. With the assistance of the BV Hub, both businesses and schools effectively collaborate and address the needs and challenges of working together.

Our Internship Program is funded through the MA DOE Connecting Activities Grant, MassHire, and subsidized service from Hub partnered school districts. For more information on how to become a partnered school district, please contact us.



Employer visits: Companies visit schools to showcase their operations and products.


Field trips: Schools bring students to your facility to provide them with firsthand experience of your business operations.


Job shadowing: Host a student for several hours to showcase your business and highlight job opportunities.


Internship: Companies host students as learners/workers on days and times that suit their needs. Students gain valuable hands-on experience, while businesses have the opportunity to identify potential future employees. (BV Hub YouthWorks coordinates payment and case management for eligible students)


 Cooperative Education (Co-op): Companies hire trained students from a local Vocational-Technical school to work for their company.

Partnership Benefits


Provide career-driven opportunities for local youth.


Encourage students' development, maturity, and confidence in career skills.


Foster positive public relations between businesses, schools, and the community.


Offer cost-effective recruitment and human resource opportunities.

ICY Resource Group & Events

Internships, Co-Ops, YouthWorks Group

In April 2024, seniors of partnered districts without a post-secondary plan will all be bused to Polar Park and have the opportunity to network and begin the application process with various regional businesses.

This event leads to full-time work placements for graduating students.

Internship Networking Nights

Internship Networking Night(s) invite business leaders and HR partners to mingle with school district staff. It's networking and matchmaking are an integral part of the relationship building needed for sustained WBL placements and partnerships.

Regional Resource Community (RRC)

Throughout the year Internship Coordinators, Co-op Coordinators, and YouthWorks facilitators come together to resource share, problem solve, and find best practices. Representatives from many MA school districts attend as we help each other develop and evolve. 

Internships, Co-Ops, YouthWorks (ICY) Group Meeting Dates 2023-2024


  • September 20

  • October 18

  • November 15

  • December 13

  • January 10

  • February 15

  • March 13

  • April 10

  • May 15


The Hub Internship Team


Joscelyn Young



Tom Belland

WBL Consultant


Lauren Barrett


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Danielle Wence


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