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Bespoke Industry Training Programs

Workforce Development

Partnering with Industry, Business, and Education

The Hub serves the needs of local industry by offering training programs tailored to individual businesses and industries exact requirements for upskilling employees. 


We train YOUR employees in a wide range of topics to suit YOUR industry.

Bespoke Industry Training Programs

.  For example


  • Blueprint reading skills

  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

  • Lean Manufacture 

  • CAD/CAM using Fusion 360

  • Hands-on CNC Mill and Lathe operations

  • Electronics

    • Hand tools

    • Soldering

    • Test equipment use (Oscilloscopes, DMM, etc)

  • 3 D printing

  • Laser engraving


This training can be conducted either at your premises or at the BVHUB.


Please contact us to discuss your needs and arrange for a meeting.

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