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We hit out of the ballpark! A Message from Executive Director, Ashley Bregman:

Updated: May 1

Wow!  I knew it was going to be a great event, but we really hit it out of the ballpark !! 


So many people expressed their gratitude and excitement about Senior Scoop and the opportunities they were given to participate, as business ambassadors, suite success facilitators, school leaders as well as students.

As I reflect on it today, I couldn't be more proud of our team and what we are providing for our community.  Not just yesterday, but all the work, prep and understanding we have provided our stakeholders leading up to the event as well as what they can expect from us going forward.

To use some of the words that have been shared with me.... these kids that attended yesterday are often the ones that get looked over, low expectations applied to and unfortunately the ones that are subconsciously taught that they are invisible and unimportant.  The pride and shift in motivation multiple school staff shared with me that they saw in their students leading up to Senior Scoop as well as throughout the day was remarkable.

All the facilitators for the Suite Success workshops had rave reviews regarding students participation and enthusiasm.   Several thanked me for allowing them to be a part of it because it gave them a burst of fresh optimism for the future generation heading their way.  When I shared with our employment lawyer who led the creative thinking session that countless kids came out of her room impressed and unexpectedly inspired.... her response was that they surprised and impressed her, she found them "endlessly fascinating."  Others echoed similar sentiments, and I'm sure as I connect with the businesses who were on the concourse, they will have similar perspectives.

We are not just providing career exposure, technical training, upskilling, reskilling and increasing the talent pool to our business partners, we are making a difference.  We are providing options. We are bridging the gap between employees and employers, in a way that they can both see a bit better what the other needs and wants.  

We are providing, the hopefully not too subliminal message, that everyone matters and is worth the effort.  No one is invisible. 

Everyone can succeed if they find what they are passionate about, what "tool box" works best for them to gain the skills they need (and will need for the rapidly changing workforce environment), and most importantly have a supportive open environment in order to explore potentials, grow and develop, and never stop climbing up the steps of the staircase of their career path. 

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