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2024 YouthWorks Spring Regional Convening

In March, Hub Executive Director, Ashley Bregman and YW Coordinator Elyse Baumann attended the regional YouthWorks Regional Convening. At the convening, a plan for rolling out a new database was introduced. This Learning Management System will integrate with current systems helping us provide high quality, up to date employability training opportunities for our youth as well as streamline the administrative components.  This increased efficiency will allow providers to focus more efforts on the important task of connecting and serving the youth.

"I always look forward to the YW regional gatherings for the invaluable opportunity they provide to connect with fellow providers statewide, share insights, and fortify the deep sense of community and empathy shared among us YouthWorks providers." -Ashley Bregman

One of the primary goals of YouthWorks is putting teens and young adults on the path to employment (CommCorp YW mission statement) . Here at the BV Hub, we firmly believe that together we can make a difference and break down barriers. Our staff is inspired and motivated by all the positive movement that is happening with this programming and our organization.


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